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How to Sell More Real Estate


Selling real estate is difficult, especially in a city like Miami where everyone seems to be a real estate agent. The number of agents makes for a very difficult place to sell real estate. The most traditional way to sell real estate is through good old fashioned networking – but the times are changing.

More and more home buyers are using the internet to find, review and buy properties. If you aren’t utilizing the power of the web to help sell more homes, you’re way behind the 8 ball.

Lucky for you we caught up with Ryan Stewart, Miami SEO expert and real estate marketing guru. Ryan owns Webris, a Miami based SEO agency that has worked with over 100 real estate agencies, helping drive better online leads through search engine visibility and clean web design. Ryan gave the following tips for prospective real estate agents:

  1. Get your website professionally designed: “I’m not telling you to do this because I own the best Miami web design company, I am telling you to do it because if your website doesn’t look amazing, traffic won;t stick. Think about it – would you call anyone to broker a large money deal for you if they’re website didn’t look like a million bucks?”
  2. Create great content: “This has become somewhat cliche, but create highly engaging content. For a real estate website, that means content that isn’t copied and pasted like every other site out there. Take the time to write highly captivating copy n  your property listings – these small differences go a long way”
  3. Hire an SEO agency: “Again, I’m not telling you this because I own the best Miami SEO company, I am telling you this because SEO is hard. Really, really really hard. You will never be able to get it done on your own. The only way to do it properly is with a professional SEO company – do your research and hire the right one”

For more information on Ryan Stewart and his Miami SEO services, visit his website.


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